002 – First Flight

My spaceship is beyond cool. It looks like something out of those James Bond movies that my parents love to watch- only my technology would leave that guy drooling. The ship’s hull is made out of a silvery-smooth invincible metal, unknown to the humans, which will keep me safe from extreme temperatures, uninhabitable atmospheres, or other unpleasant things such as flea attacks. Inside is a beautiful, comfortable and stylish Captain’s chair, designed especially for a long and low spy like me with extra room for long ears. My Commander tells me that the ship is well-equipped with a variety of weapons, but for now I won’t need to use those (or at least I hope not)…

My humans have a big shed in our backyard that hasn’t been opened in years. It’s the perfect location to keep a top-secret ship, especially when that ship comes with high-tech cloaking ability (if anyone does open the shed, they’ll think it’s a giant lawnmower). It’s a bit tricky to maneuver the ship in and out of the shed, but my Commander plans to basset-gaze some unsuspecting contractors into building a retractable roof for me the next time my humans go away on holiday.

I’ve set up the shed to be my command center. It didn’t take much- a few maps on the wall, a couple of unused computer monitors from inside the house, two lawn chairs later and I’ve got myself quite the secret hideaway. There is something very satisfying in having your own space- even if the Commander does pop in unexpectedly. He usually brings delicious biscuits to share, so I don’t mind his visits one bit.

Today will be my first flight. I’ve read the flight manual (or at the very least looked through the pictures), and I’ve listened to the Commander’s instructions carefully. We both feel that I’m ready. The ship is equipped with a sophisticated auto-pilot which the Commander can control, so if anything goes wrong he should be able to bring me back to the shed safely. I don’t plan to leave Earth, but I’ve got my spacesuit on just in case- you never know when these big paws might hit the ejection button at an inopportune time!

Now I’ve been a pretty brave basset hound my entire life, but so far my biggest worries have been aggressive Dobermans at the dog park or parents who are slightly late preparing my dinner kibble. I must admit- I am a little nervous for my first flight. It’s not every day that a basset hound flies, after all, at least not on Earth. Nonetheless, I am not one to beg off duty… So… Up up and away we go!

I might have knocked off the neighbour’s birdhouse on my way up, but other than that flying is surprisingly easy. It pleases me that, with a slight tilt of a paw, I can swoop left, turn right, or even dive bomb ground squirrels. I didn’t realize how fast this ship would be- I’ve already reached my city limits and not even a minute has passed! I have changed my cloak from lawnmower to sky-blend, so I am undetectable to the human eye. Flying the ship is effortless, and I am beginning to realize that I am meant to be so much more than a couch dog.

Now for the big decision- where should I fly?

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